Military & Veteran Support

I spent 8 years in the U.S. Army both in the Reserves and Active Duty and I understand both worlds.  I also understand what it’s like to transition to the civilian sector after spending 15 months in Combat.  It’s by no means an easy transition.  Everything seems so different once you return.  It’s a culture shock like no other.

Many veterans, myself included, find it hard when looking for jobs.  It seems there are plenty of companies who “hire vets,” but these are always low level entry positions.  It can be a hard adjustment to go from leading soldiers in combat operations in danger zones to being a clerk at a shop or an entry level administration in an office.

Life itself can be a hard adjustment especially for our local troops.  Hawaii is home to some of the most frequently deployed Guard and Reserve units and now they are on the list to deploy again.  So it’s our job to help them and their families as much as we can.

As a combat veteran I understand the difficulties of military life not only on troops, but their families as well.  With units in Hawaii being so widely used it puts a strain on those families.  The returning soldiers also now have to readjust to civilian life once again.

Because I understand what combat and the transition back to normal entails I want to do what I can to help other soldiers and veterans successfully return to civilian life and also help those local veterans who are older and have served their time and require more assistance.


What I believe will help our local soldiers and veterans:

  1. Incentives for businesses to hire Local Women Service Members and Veterans
  2. Discounted child care costs for deployed service members
  3. Free tutoring services to dependents of deployed or disabled veterans
  4. Programs putting homeless veterans to work helping beautify State lands and parks


Hawaii has the potential to reach zero homeless veterans, but we need to institute out-of-the-box thinking and programs to make it happen.  Many programs assisting homeless veterans are already being implemented in other states and have shown much success.  Hawaii could be a leader in this aspect and together we make it happen alongside the many mazing organizations aiding and assisting veterans here in Hawaii.

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