The environment is a finely balanced ecosystem that most of us take for granted. There are already extinct species of plants and animals that we will not see again, and some of the plants and animals we take for granted today could be gone before our children have an opportunity to enjoy them the way we did.

We are stewards of the earth and all that live on it. We can help the various species survive by our diligence and attention to the health of the environment, or we can drive them to extinction by our carelessness and thoughtlessness.

Clean air, unpolluted water, and healthy soil can regenerate life forever. Stripping the land of foliage that is the essential habitat of animals and other creatures, leaving harmful insecticides in the soil where we grow our food, overfishing the waters, killing the reefs that surround us, air pollution, and converting arable land to urban sprawl are someways we desecrate what we have and leave our children with much less of this earth to enjoy

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