Abandoned Vehicles – Update

Volunteers and I have been walking the streets to document and report abandoned vehicles and recently a couple news outlets have picked up the story.

These abandoned vehicles put a strain on our community and we must be proactive in reporting them and do our best to take control of this situation. The fact is that amount of abandoned vehicles littering our streets is overwhelming. Luckily, many of the ones we have reported have been removed. This is a big issue as it not only takes up precious parking stalls, but these abandoned vehicles pose health, safety, and environmental concerns as well. Thankfully, we were successful in having many of them removed and we continue to go out and report more.

Currently I am working on drafting legislation to help assist in the removal of these vehicles such as an “Abandoned Vehicle Fund” to help cover the costs of things such as towing, storage, and recycling. Updates to follow!

If you have abandoned vehicles on your street please contact me at: James@Logueforhouse.com or 808-489-0792 and let me know so I can document and report them for you.

My campaign is about taking action and getting results. We can no longer just wait for issues to be handled by others. Let’s take charge and make change happen.

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments please feel free to contact me at 808-489-0792 or by e-mail at James@Logueforhouse.com. If you have any issues and need help, please let me know.


James Logue

Candidate for

State House District 29

Kalihi-Palama, Iwilei & Chinatow

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