Abandoned Vehicles

Currently: One of the biggest issues facing our District is the abandoned vehicles that litter our streets, take up our parking, and create unnecessary health hazards in our community. Former O’ahu County Democratic Committee Chair, Reena Rabago, and I have been walking around documenting and reporting the MANY abandoned vehicles and illegal dump sites. Honestly, it is overwhelming, but you may have seen the news picked up the story and reported on it! See the report HERE.

On Sunday, March 4th we documented and reported 25 abandoned vehicles and various illegal dumping sites. The City & County came in and removed some of the vehicles and this past Sunday we reported several more. However, it seems now there are abandoned vehicles in place of where the older ones were removed.

It’s a frustrating issue, but I will continue to document and report these abandoned vehicles. If you have abandoned vehicles or trash that has been left in your neighborhood please let me know as soon as you can. You can call/text me at 808-489-0792 or e-mail me at James@Logueforhouse.com.

Also, if you have any issues, concerns or questions please reach out to me!

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James Logue
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State House District 29

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