Aloha friends,

My name is James Logue and I am proud to announce my candidacy for District 29 of the Hawai`i State House of Representatives. District 29 is comprised of Kalihi-Palama, Iwilei & Chinatown.

I am running for state office because I believe Hawai`i has the potential to lead the U.S. in a number of areas including renewable & green energy as well as environmental policies & protections.

I will fight for criminal justice reforms to lower the numbers of incarcerated and promote rehabilitation.
I will work hard to pass legislation that promotes healthier schools and better education.
I will stand with our unions to ensure worker’s rights and benefits are protected.
I will work with large and small businesses in our community to promote a more robust business environment for them in Hawai`i.
I will fight to bring better paying jobs to the state so that we can provide better options for our graduates instead of forcing them to leave to other states to find a career that will support them.
I will stand with and fight for women to have equal pay in the workplace and to ensure that women have unrestricted access to healthcare options they choose.
I will fight to push for more affordable housing options that residents can realistically afford.
I will work with care givers and organizations to provide better care and funding for programs that support our aging kupuna population.
I will work with the community to ensure proper implementation of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in our neighborhoods.
I will help our immigrant population find the services and support systems they need so that we can ensure the success of them and their families here in Hawai`i.
I will work to end veteran homelessness and help the various veterans organizations get the resources and funding they require to provide services to those veterans in need.
I will stand with our local military service members to help ease the burdens they and their families face during deployments by fighting for support in areas such as lower child care costs for keiki of deployed service members and assistance to spouses who must manage their families obligations.
I will work with our first responders to provide them with the necessary equipment, funding, and training that they need to better enable them to perform their duties.

As a Community Advocate I have been working with community leaders and organizations in the District to fight for our businesses and clean up the streets. I’ve been extremely engaged and involved in the issues that concern us most. When someone from the community asks for help I ensure they receive it.

At the District level we must do more in partnership with the residents, organizations and businesses to clean up the streets, canals, and parks. We must work together to get a real grip on the ever increasing homelessness population that is negatively impacting our businesses and our quality of life. Crime in Kalihi is out of control and not getting any better. The families of Kalihi work hard and deserve a safe environment to raise their children. We must do more to lower crime and promote after school programs and jobs for the youth.

I am asking for your support! Please help me in my campaign for State House District 29 and elect LEADERSHIP YOU CAN COUNT ON.

If you would like to volunteer with my campaign please contact me at (808) 489-0792 or e-mail at

Donations can be made in the following ways:

Or mail a check payable to “Friends of James Logue”

Friends of James Logue
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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I look forward to your support!

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